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Meet My New Hero Ed Blackmon of Mississippi & Mr Martore Your Wife Gracia Ignores Stories That Matter to Society Racism Runs Ramped Because of Her Blind Eye.

Ed Blackmon is one of My New Heroes!!!  Sir- Welcome

Mar 16, 2012
While Haley Barbour was considered a presidential candidate I was stalked by a red NISSAN Titan truck. One with Mississippi plates. due to "no front plate" I could never get the plate #. It had a gun rack...but a LOT of red Titan ...
Jan 26, 2012
Nissan Whistleblower. The blog of Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower. Because she whistleblew about DOE fraud, Discrimination, and Corruption Sharyn Bovat has been bullied and harassed; She's "fighting" back ... I was told Nissan will be WAY over capacity. Mississippi at minimum "toast"... TN Jobs are at risk ... The attitude is very narrow minded in this state and people "hate" me for whistleblowing about their racism. Just yesterday another resident of ...

The recent issue of Mississippi trying to get NISSAN $100,000,000 in bonds is shining a light into the 
cronyism in the South.  I saw this in the Gannett Clarion ledger & NOW  MISSING/HIDING articles... Is someone doing a cover up? Looks like Mississippi is trying to take Tennessee jobs away

Why are the democrats in Mississippi questioning the ethics of NISSAN and NOT the Republicans?

Evidently I'm Terry McCauliffe's cousin (from marriage)... If I move to Virginia and support the republican I can do a press release:):)
"...Nissan could have put jobs in Japan or Mexico or at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn., rather than in Mississippi...." a member  Mississippi State Legislature

Rep. Rita Martinson, R-Madison, urged House members to support the bill. She said Nissan could have put jobs in Japan or Mexico or at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn., rather than in Mississippi.

In 2010 I had posted on my GirlintheBlackHonda website that a 
viewer told me to look at "land deals"  I was told that the Mississippi deal was "dirty"... they used a black guy JUST to get preferred financing?  then they abused him.   It's just allegations: Can someone investigate PULL ALL DOCUMENTS about land ownership at the Canton Plant and at the Decherd plant.  Heck PULL ALL land ownership documents of ALL NISSAN & Volkswagen property

It seems like a LOT of Good Ole Boys in Tennessee tell the Feds that their companies are owned by their wives.  That way they get "tax incentives"...  Even after lying they still "write off" their cleaning ladies and mistresses hair stylist.  OMG!!!
This lady gave me documenst showing TAX FRAUD.  I forwarded them to the Treasury and "get this"  the mans being AUDITED.

I did scare people in Mississippi and I was told to NOT travel to Mississippi because that state has questionable laws like in Tennessee and people can "swear out" warrants.   Southern states tend to jail a LOT of innocent people.  I was told that because i scared Haley Barbour it was NOT safe for me to travel to Mississippi.  I think I'll contact the new governor and find out if I can travel to the Magnolia state.   Still I think for "me" traveling to CUBA is a lot safer than the 4 states I was told to stay out of... They include Arkansas &  Louisiana.  Why those states too?

Some lawmakers have been taken aback by the Nissan bill coming in the eleventh hour of the legislative session with little information. The bill doesn’t mention Nissan specifically and few details of the expansion have been given, even to some of the lawmakers who represent Madison County.

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