Saturday, March 30, 2013

To Calibre Please Tell Joseph Martore - That If ANYONE Calls His Wife a War Whore for NOT Reporting Stories That Could Have Led to World Peace I Personally Will Condemn Them. The Issue I Care About is Stoping CRONYISM. After all Who Cares if Companies Like NISSAN Do Business with IRAN and They Get a Nuclear Weapon? WHo Cares About Our Troops Who Have Been Killed By Machines Funded By Iran. Obviously Top Leaders at Calibre Don't Care … If YOU Do Please Explain? Tell the World The TRUTH on WHY Gannett FAILED to Report Stories That Could Make Society Better.

On Good Friday it was Reported that Gannett Dumps SEC Filing that Shows CEO Gets 46 Million Dollar Deal.   Below is from the "actual" SEC report (link below).

SEC Definitive Proxy Statement Shows News Boss Who Forced Furloughs & Froze Pay Increases Making BIG BUCKS if Terminated.

Gannett CEO Who Led a Mainstream Media Effort to Silence Whistleblower Gets 46 MILLION if Terminated.  Meanwhile Gannett Led Go of Thousands ..... Gannett is Covering Up MORE Than Dept. of Energy Fraud.... When ARE They Going to Let the Lockerbie Truth Be Exposed?

When are They Going to Tell the TRUTH About NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn?

While those 2,800 people were sent back into job search mode under Ms. Martore's reign, usually with a meager severance package, she will have no such worries if the day ever comes when she and Gannett part ways.

The definitive proxy statement indicates she will receive a termination package totaling more than $20 million. If something unfortunate should happen and Ms. Martore dies, her family will receive almost $30 million and Ms. Martore would receive about the same amount if for some reason she becomes disabled.
And as noted above, if the company changes hands and she loses her job, she gets $46 million, including a pension worth $17,745,638 and $7,650,000 in severance pay.

READ official SEC report
I guess NOT reporting the NEWS that matters to society is HOW to become rich?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joseph Martore - People are UPSET Your Wife Does NOT Report Stories That Matter to Society. DO YOU Tell Her NOT To Report Things?

People email me who want society to get healthy

Begin forwarded message:

Thanks Sharyn. I know TVA is evil and the good ole boy crap is alive and working here in TN, lived here all my life. I don’t care for Alexander, Corker (who is in their hip pocket), or any of the rest, don’t trust them either. I have  friend, *********************************** Guess we won’t be friends any more after he sees the info I’ve collected, dirty is dirty. Nissan I have heard is crooked too, as are most multinational corporations, I worked for **********************************so I have seen more than my share. Bankrupt or in debt, that is the plan and how Goldman Sachs, WB, & IMF get control of nations. Now they are in my backyard and after friends and good people’s tax money and property, people that can’t afford to fight back.********************* I’ll be damned if I will stand silent and watch them take these people’s homes without trying to help. I got word out to *****************, and a few others. I am neither party, from where I stand I see no difference in the 3.
From: Sharyn Bovat []
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To: ********************
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I think I'm just pissed:):)
Your right about the TVA - the former Tennessean editor said their "worse" than Nissan. Then a former head of TVA mike Duncan confirmed to me a cronyism problem. (I was able to talk to him at CPAC in 2012) Evidently lots of kickback- no bid type contracts.  You should ask Lamar Alexander for an audit....  I'm a republican but with Senators like him well go bankrupt as a nation  twice as fast.
Have a good day!

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On Mar 26, 2013, at 2:14 AM, ********************* wrote:
  Ok, you are either crazy or pissed. Personally I think you are pissed. I scanned your website and it is hard to tell, but you seem to have some info on a lot of things. I need to ask you what you know about these Megasites TVA is building. Whos who and whats what. I know it is something wrong going on.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joseph Martore - I'd Like to Work at Calibre Maybe I Can Have a Cube Next to Yours?

Drive of Black Altima/Maxima whose Plate # is 655 YZP YOUR the kind of aggressive driver thats dangerous to society. YOU were zip zagging through traffic in Cool Spring (Franklin) and are a danger to society.  Based on "what" I've been through in the Tennessee courts you should have to do 3-5 years.  To the white Rogue that keeps driving by my child's home.... STOP. I do NOT trust the police in Tennessee (obviously they're corrupt- Randy Elrod told me that) and whenever I feel threatened I will put tag #'s on this BLOG. It' time NISSAN treated Sharyn Bovat with RESPECT.

This is my cat Miranda... named after my "rights

NOW don't you think I'd "rather" spend quality time with my cat rather than "ranting" about NISSAN fraud.  The fact is NISSAN is run by unethical people that have TERRORIZED me and until I find out I'm OK I'm emailing the United Nations & Diplomats (Portugal too) I'm tired of fighting for humanity BUT humanity has not happened. 

Back to ranting about Carlos Ghosn & Global corruption connected to Sarkozy-Ghosn will KNOW about Karachi affair

There's a Euro Elitist "Clique" Connected to Sarkozy & Blair that work with Ex CIA that are into weapons deals and linked to 80's era drug trafficking. They're connected to Carlos Ghosn and Lebanon and the Lockerbie Bombing.  Evidently They "used" Al Gore for his "green credentials".... Too much money was milked and  NOW is in off shore accounts.  Someone stand up for America.... 

Is someone investigating?  

Daniel Glaser How is the SDN list coming?
Below is from a "recent" email I received.....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Joseph Martore - Is There a Conflict of Interest Between Calibre and Gannett? Your Wife Gracia Martore Has Ignored a Major Story Involving Fraud, Discrimination, Bullying and the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103. Do You Know Frank Duggan? Are YOU Involved in the Lockerbie Cover Up? Do YOU Care About the TRUTH or Are You Just a Profiteer? Do YOU Care About America?

Those who work with me know that I stress the importance of telling the truth and doing the right thing, when interfacing with our employees, our customers, and our business partners.”

Do Mr. Martore DOD "contractor of the year" whose married to Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett whose ignored MAJOR Dept. of Energy fraud that's connected to the CIA (part of the DOD) 

Mr. Martore YOU say you speak the truth... lets see how "true" that is.

It's my opinion that the Lockerbie Truth is about to be exposed.  Is a "conflict of interest with the mainstream media and the CIA about to be exposed too?

On behalf of hard working taxpayers that have been taken advantage by foreign companies that do business in IRAN that have NOT been held accountable for discrimination, wasted spending or taxpayer money and have participated in corruption ...   **** you.  Pardon the French BUT seeing that your "most likely" in bed with Sarkozy (figuratively) your probably used to French.  It's time YOU respected America.  

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  2. Bob Dickey Gannett  Bob Dickey, My life has been hell and Gannett does NOT report the news. I hear your the CIA's pit bull. Is that true? I've been terrorized for over 3 years.

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