Monday, April 1, 2013

Joseph Martore. I Applied Officially for Calibre. I Can Help With Corporate Risk. Look My Work Might Save the Taxpayers BILLIONS. The Good Ole Boy Network in Tennessee Has Ripped Off America. Sadly Gracia's Gannett WON"T Report Stories

Oct 11, 2012
Governor Phil Bredesen's office had a man named Michael Thomason a lawyer for the State of Tennessee befriend me (he's connected to the Ingram family) and Michael became my bridge partner... It's all documented.

Michael Thomason The Man Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber Told to SPY on Sharyn His Tennessee Dept. of Employment Security Gets BUSTED in Audit .  Had the Tennessean Reported FRAUD & Had Senator Jack Johnson Listened  America Would Have Save Money.
 **** YOU Good Ole Boys!!!

Oct 21, 2012
Who Looks Dumber You or the ECD? At the End of the Day the Local Know Your Just Keeping the Scam Alive.... I Know the State Had Michael Thomason "Padding" the Employment #'s.... After I Exposed Him He Fell of the ...
May 19, 2012
One of my former bridge partners Michael connected to the INGRAM Family & Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr ( Also "most likely" the solar/NISSAN fraud that's happening).
Mar 28, 2012
... on local TV complaining about diversity issues in the schools, I've endured 19+ months of court appearances, a state trooper stalked me(2010), Michael Thomason of Governor Bredesen's administration befriended me and ...

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