Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joseph Martore - Maybe You Can Take Gracia OUt to Dinner and Tell Her NICELY to Report Child Drone Killings?

The mainstream media (especially Gannett) ignores stories about American drones killing babies/children in the Middle East. The fact is America is "Making Enemies" and America needs to be more responsible with drones.

The CEO of Gannett who makes 8 Million a year Gracia Martore is ALSO getting ***46 MILLION*** 'if' fired according to a March 2013 SEC report.  The mainstream media CEO is sleeping with the CEO whose a DOD contractor (it's OK it's her husband) still stories are NOT reported.  Babies are killed and Americans don't know about it.  Fraud happens and Americans don't know about it.  Libya was blamed 100% for the Lockerbie bombing & "most likely" IRAN also was involved & Americans don't know about it.   

Sharyn Bovat (me) has been abused in Tennessee for almost 4 years and Gannett ignores it.  WHY?   It's just so some greedy people can "make a buck" and the average Americans are gonna suffer even more than they already are.  It's NOT fair!!!

The NISSAN fraud is real and NISSAN does business in IRAN and babies are getting killed and Gannett does NOT care.

Americans need to speak up about the "lack" of news being covered by the mainstream media.  Humanity Matters!

Sharyn Bovat

Civilian Drone Attacks


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