Friday, March 22, 2013

Joseph Martore - Is There a Conflict of Interest Between Calibre and Gannett? Your Wife Gracia Martore Has Ignored a Major Story Involving Fraud, Discrimination, Bullying and the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103. Do You Know Frank Duggan? Are YOU Involved in the Lockerbie Cover Up? Do YOU Care About the TRUTH or Are You Just a Profiteer? Do YOU Care About America?

Those who work with me know that I stress the importance of telling the truth and doing the right thing, when interfacing with our employees, our customers, and our business partners.”

Do Mr. Martore DOD "contractor of the year" whose married to Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett whose ignored MAJOR Dept. of Energy fraud that's connected to the CIA (part of the DOD) 

Mr. Martore YOU say you speak the truth... lets see how "true" that is.

It's my opinion that the Lockerbie Truth is about to be exposed.  Is a "conflict of interest with the mainstream media and the CIA about to be exposed too?

On behalf of hard working taxpayers that have been taken advantage by foreign companies that do business in IRAN that have NOT been held accountable for discrimination, wasted spending or taxpayer money and have participated in corruption ...   **** you.  Pardon the French BUT seeing that your "most likely" in bed with Sarkozy (figuratively) your probably used to French.  It's time YOU respected America.  

  1. Gracia Martore Gannett - De Varenne Tennessean
    Dec 25, 2011 – Gracia Martore Gannett. This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's just a woman reaching out to the ...

  2. Bob Dickey Gannett  Bob Dickey, My life has been hell and Gannett does NOT report the news. I hear your the CIA's pit bull. Is that true? I've been terrorized for over 3 years.

CALIBRE's First Principles, unchanged since our founding in 1989, provide the foundation for the way that we operate as a company. And as we move forward, ...
Nov 5, 2012 ... Founded in 1989, CALIBRE has evolved into a preferred, trusted advisor to executive-level decision makers in the public and private sectors.

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